“The day I met with Dr. Weiss, I remember him saying that by the time I get my braces off I’m just going to wish I had gotten them sooner. Well, it didn’t take until I got them off. Within the first couple of months with my braces on I saw results. I never thought I would be happy to smile, laugh, or take pictures without covering my mouth. One year and seven months later, Dr. Weiss, Luccarelli, and the staff have changed that completely. I can’t say enough about how great you all are! From the minute you walk into the office until the minute you leave, everyone is just amazing. The results are beyond what I could have ever imagined! You all have given me a reason to smile with confidence, and I will be forever grateful! No matter how many ways or times I say thank you, it will never be enough. Not a day will go by that I don’t look in the mirror and be so thankful to Drs. Weiss and Luccarelli for the reflection and smile looking back at me. You are the best!!” — Heather Lauro

“Just wanted to say ‘Thank You’ to all of you for nine (?!) years of extraordinary care and four beautiful smiles to prove it!” — The Mullane Family

“Thank you for all the kindness, patience, and fun (all those great video games, raffles, ‘Where in the World’ contest, etc.) these past two years! Dr. Luccarelli promised when Rebecca became a patient, that, ‘no one in this office would ever hurt you’ on her first visit when she was so scared, and it was true. If having braces would ever be a pleasant experience, you, Dr. Weiss, and your wonderful staff certainly made it so. Most of all, thank you for her beautiful smile!” — Susan, Bruce, and Rebecca Levy

“What I appreciate most about the office is the flexibility it provides. I traveled a lot this past year and they were more than willing to accommodate (sudden appointments needing to be scheduled, more aligners, etc.). The willingness to cater to the patient’s expectations is a big plus. All my appointments were short (which I wanted), but I’m sure if a patient wanted to ask more questions and get more information, the staff would have been more than willing to oblige. I just wanted a place I could trust to get my teeth straightened, without a headache. So far, it’s gone by without a hitch and I have complete confidence in these orthodontist's competence. I’d highly recommend them if you’re considering any orthodontic work!” — Ray L.

“I know it’s a year later, but I still wanted to say thanks for letting me smile on my wedding day! It meant the world to me.” — Laurie Luna

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the tremendous job that you accomplished on our son’s teeth. Each time we see a Weiss & Luccarelli terrific smile, it indicates that he was in good hands at your practice. The care which he received during the past year and a half was time well spent. We were very impressed to see your staff in action. In our opinion, the level of service and courtesy of your staff was unparalleled. It must be rewarding to know that your efforts will have a positive impact for years to come. We wish you continued success!” — Marylou and Larry King

“Another beautiful smile for the Holloway family! Thank you for everything!” — Patty and Glen, Justin, Brandon and Christine

“Thank you so much for being such an amazing team. If there were more people like you in the world, there’d be more smiles like mine! I can’t stop laughing, smiling, and sending out texts of my new smile.” — Lori

“I wish to express my extreme gratitude to you and your kind staff for all the time, effort, and attention given to me.” — Mary Finelli

“I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your kindness. You made me a more confident person because of your thoughtfulness. I’m smiling all the time now and I know I’ll be smiling much more on my wedding day because of this.” — Santwana

“I would like to thank you and all the staff at your orthodontic office. I came in for a consultation on Tuesday, March 10th, for a second opinion. All the receptionists were friendly and helpful. Your conversation with me was direct and informative. I now have peace of mind that there were no problems with my braces. My visit was one of the few times I have left a doctor’s office feeling more knowledgeable and cared for. I truly appreciate the time and discussion you shared with me. I will remember the great service I received at your office, and happily refer anyone I know in need of orthodontic service.” — Diane E. Dribble

“Thank you for making me feel good when I smile! Whatever fears I had on my first visit were gone immediately. This was due to your kindness and easy way to make me look to the future with straight teeth and a big smile. Thanks also to your wonderful staff for their kindness!” — Carol Fromkin

“Thank you for fixing my teeth! You are the best doctors!” — Brooke D.

“Thanks so much for the wonderful care you’ve given our children.” — Richard & Shari Gabay

“And the bride wore a smile by Weiss & Luccarelli. Best of luck in your new office; it’s simply beautiful.” — Patti Taylor

“Just a little thank you for my great new smile! It was a pleasure coming to the office all the time! You all make wearing braces at 28 a breeze! (And my wedding pictures looked that much better!) Thanks for everything!” — Melanie Hussey-Kenny

“Thank you very much for Sean’s beautiful smile. This entire process went so much more smoothly than we ever expected. Your entire staff has been wonderful and easy to work with. Thanks again!” — Ann and Sean Burger (mother and patient)

“I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for our family. You are all so kind and patient. You never made us feel that any of our questions or problems were crazy or insignificant. I will miss seeing all of you every six weeks, but I will always remember you in the smiles of Lauren and Michael.” — Judy Granath

“It’s a bit difficult to express my appreciation for what you have done for me. Thank you so much for the gift of my smile. My entire adult life, I’ve wanted to take the orthodontic leap, but never had the courage to do so. With you, and your loving and patient staff, you made that possible. I now smile (and do just about everything) with more pride! You are wonderful doctors, and I feel blessed you are my friends.” — Sue Guido

“No words can express the gratitude that we feel for everything you have done for Danielle. Every time I look at her beautiful smile, I think of the effort that went into creating it. We will always appreciate the knowledge expertise, patience, and understanding that both of you and your office staff exude. Again, our sincere thanks and appreciation.” — Denise Loguercio

“Now that we have come to the end of the long road to beautiful smiles we would like to express our gratitude for the care that you have taken with our girls (women!) Mary and Julie, over the past six years. It was a wonderful journey for them because of the congenial atmosphere that always welcomed them on their visits and the concerns for their concerns and my concerns. I would and do refer friends, relatives, and acquaintances to you. You are more than I had hoped for. Thanks a million!” — Judy & Mike Insinga

“I just wanted to send you a copy of Kevin’s senior portrait. Quite handsome, eh? When I brought the picture in to work, I overheard one of my colleagues say, ‘Wow, look at those teeth’ and this was someone who did not know about Kevin’s accident! Thank you so much for all of your hard work, excellent referrals, and personal support you gave to us. It meant so much to all of us. (And of course, you did such great work with Michael and Lynn, too!) Thanks again!” — Debbie Franciotti

“A big ‘Thank You’ for Patrick’s beautiful smile. His teeth are perfect. It has been a most pleasurable experience for Patrick. You and your staff have been wonderful and always made us feel comfortable. Every time Patrick smiles, I will think of all of you.” — The Lupfer Family

“Thank you so much for working on me with my braces. I am VERY excited that I got them off, yet I will miss my monthly appointments. Everyone who has seen me with them off has told me that my teeth look great. Every time I visited your office, the secretaries, assistants, and you were all very helpful and explained everything I didn’t understand. Now I can smile with confidence. Thanks again.” — Cassidy Wolfert

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