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Orthodontic Excellence

what to expect

It doesn’t take long for patients and families to realize that outstanding orthodontic care is our top priority. Our office remains on the cutting edge of orthodontic clinical advances and technology.

Dr. Luccarelli and Dr. Barrese enjoy a reputation of excellence in orthodontic treatment and personalized care. Both orthodontists and their staff spend countless hours in continuing education to refine their orthodontic techniques in order to provide patients with the best orthodontic care possible.


Friendly and Relaxed Atmosphere

From your first visit to your last, we want you to experience a friendly and casual atmosphere that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. You will quickly find that our office has a “home-like” atmosphere, and that’s how we want you to feel: right at home.

We believe that orthodontic treatment should be a pleasant experience and we will always try our best to make it that way! We love to create beautiful smiles, but it’s also the great relationships we create along the way that really makes the difference. When you are part of our office, you are not only our patients, but you are our friends. We wouldn’t have it any other way.


Personal Attention

Dr. Luccarelli, Dr. Barrese, and our staff take great pride in delivering the personal attention you deserve. We start with a diagnosis and treatment plan that are customized to your specific concerns. Your progress is assessed and treatment delivered by the doctors at each of your visits, and we are always available to discuss your treatment. Both doctors believe in a “hands-on” approach to orthodontic care, and they are never too busy to spend whatever time is necessary to make certain you are well on your way to achieving that beautiful smile you’ve worked so hard to get.


Open Communication

what to expect

To us, patient service is both doing a nice job and doing it nicely. We make sure that patients and parents have an open line of communication and we are always available for them. We encourage our parents and siblings to be part of the experience and invite them back into the clinical area at every visit. We enjoy showing parents the work we do and how treatment is progressing.

We also find this a great time to ask questions and a great opportunity for us to develop relationships with our patients, parents, and families. To make certain we are meeting the needs of our patients, we encourage feedback at any time during your relationship with us, and we are always happy to answer questions that you may have.

In addition to being available for you while in the office, both Dr. Luccarelli and Dr. Barrese are also available for you during non-office hours. All of our patients are given the doctors’ home numbers and cell numbers in case of an emergency.



what to expect

Dr. Luccarelli and Dr. Barrese want your orthodontic experience to be a “family affair.” The doctors and their staff like to involve the patient and the family in the entire orthodontic treatment process. This will ensure that you receive consistent, high-quality care in a warm and friendly environment. It is the goal at Luccarelli & Barrese Orthodontics to give you an outstanding result as well as a wonderful experience.


Patient Care

Each patient is treated with care and respect that includes personal attention from Dr. Luccarelli or Dr. Barrese during every patient visit. The doctors and their entire staff go out of their way to make each office visit an enjoyable experience. We want the time you spend at our office to be special and something you look forward to!



what to expect

Drs. Luccarelli and Barrese set themselves apart through extensive continuing education in order to provide a wider variety of orthodontic options than most other practices. Through the years, new technology has resulted in shorter treatment times, less frequent adjustments, more precise tooth movements, greater comfort, and better aesthetics for the patient.

Drs. Luccarelli and Barrese utilize the best available technology to provide orthodontic treatments that are truly state-of-the-art, including Invisalign® and Invisalign Teen® invisible braces, metal and clear braces, TADs, and laser treatments.


Little Extras That Make Life Easier

We enjoy our work and we make sure our patients enjoy coming to see us. We have arcades, flat-screen TVs, and memorabilia throughout the office. We are always raffling off prizes such as iPods, Xboxes, or cameras, and having events such as Halloween parties. We are looking forward to you being part of our office and part of the fun.

what to expect what to expect what to expect what to expect
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